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Gifts TO Susana

For once, it is me sending gifts TO Susana and not the other way around 😉

I wanted to give her something for Easter which will put a smile on her face. I hope I have succeeded 🙂

First of all a set with a bell and two Easter eggs with crocus.

Set with crocus

The colours of this set make me happy, and I always feel the urge to do beaded decorations for Easter. The colours in the beads make me think of spring and everything that is growing.

The other thing I sent Susana are these small chickens – they are one of my bestsellers and so cute and lovely, I cannot imagine that Susana will not like them 😉

Small chickens


One Response to “Gifts TO Susana”

  1. Susana says:

    And there is a BIG smile on my face indeed, Anita!!! 🙂
    Thank you from my heart for all these AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, PRECIOUS and UNIQUE presents!!!
    The green on the eggs and bell is just like the first green of Spring, when little leaves start to grow on trees and we celebrate Nature’s resurrection after the long Winter.
    And the chickens are just so cute and adorable!!!
    You do magic with your hands and generous heart, Anita!!
    Thank you ever so much for such a happy surprise and for all the joy you bring into my life!! Bless you!!

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